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Content Translation Rate Price

Telling you a flat translation rate price will not be right as the rate, charges of translation depends on the text to be translated. In order to give you an exact idea of the translation rate and charges, we request you to forward a sample of your content that you want us to translate. You can email the sample text to us or you can use this Get a Quotation form and we will reply shortly with an exact quotation telling you the best translation price rate charges for your translation requirements.

Here is the general translation price chart or general translation rate card for various Translation services provided by us.

Translation English to Hindi, Hindi to English language pair rate, price, per word rate

We provide English-Hindi, Hindi-English translation services. We also provide Marwari to Hindi and Marwari to English translation services.
Our Translators have over 5 years of experience. Our Hindi to English and English to Hindi language pair translators have handled various topics including news report translations with utmost satisfaction of clients.

Translation Services at a Glance…​

Hire Virtual Translator who can translate Online…

Hiring a full-time translator is not only difficult but it also comes out to be costly. We at CWW provide virtual translators whom you can hire for translation projects. Thus, project management becomes easy and not at all costly.
Let’s see how hiring a virtual translator online is the right decision by you as compared with hiring full-time translator for translation services?
The Virtual Translator (VT) remains online during the working hours and remains in contact with you over chat and works as if he/she is sitting in your office. This not only reduces cost as he does not need office space, resources and nor he requires any extra perks. The VT works on a per hour basis and gets paid fortnightly. For more details contact us now.
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Content Translation Process

Content Translation process is simple. It is done online as we are online content translation services provider.
WhatsApp, Call or Email Us & Get A Quotation >>> Finalize Order >>> Translation Project Delivery
– The client contacts us though mail, WhatsApp, Call or through the web form.
– In case client wishes to check some samples. For samples Click Here. Also read content translation samples policy.
– After approval on the translation rate, translation project delivery schedule and other terms by the client. The content translation work starts.
– The translation project is then delivered to the client through mail/WhatsApp or whichever medium decided in the terms of agreement.
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Payment Terms & Options

Translation project payment process is also simple.
After the translation invoice is delivered to the client through mail/WhatsApp or whichever medium decided in the terms of agreement. The client is requested to release payment within 7 days after the receipt of the invoice. Till then the copyright ownership over the translation remains solely with Bhagwat Kumar until the invoice is fully paid and settled.

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Translation Packages

Translation at the lowest price​

We provide English To Hindi, Hindi To English translation at low per word rate. Tell us more about the topic/subject matter of the content and Get a quote Now. Average translation delivery 1000 words per day. हिंदी-अंग्रेजी में अनुवाद के लिए संपर्क करें |

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