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Content Writing, English Hindi Translation samples

Content Writing-English Hindi-Translation Samples

Dedicated Content Writing, English Hindi Translation samples are available on demand. However, they would be included in the invoice. Here are some content writing & English Hindi translation samples.

Content Writing-English Hindi-Translation Samples
Content Writing-English Hindi-Translation Samples

Content Writing, English Hindi Translation samples – 1

Google Update Saga

– sample by Content Writers World writer Sandesh Singh

Penguin and Panda algorithms were never so scary for websites until Google’s algorithm changes were named after them. Shattering the conventions of search engine optimization (SEO) to shards, these updates, triggered even the big-wigs or the SEO Gurus to revisit/revise their strategy. Conventional link building and paid links cease to get reward and it is website content and its engaging nature is all that matters.

Content Writers World assesses your website and its content in the changed circumstances of SEO and chalks out a strategy that not only brings high returns on investment in short time, but makes your website stand on such robust pillars of SEO that no Penguin or Panda could shake!

We optimize websites on robust SEO pillars

SEO has gained a lot of prominence lately as the number of websites are on the rise and so is the competition among them. It is really becoming difficult to keep pace with these challenges. It is no exaggeration to say that it is optimization of a web page or website that decides its visibility and helps it secure higher ranking on search engines query results. It is this first page ranking on search results that Content Writers World fetches for your website by putting to use exact SEO strategy that your website needs…

Content Writing, English Hindi Translation samples 2

New Maruti SX4

The new Maruti SX4 is not just an obvious upgrade launch but is the outcome of Marutis hurry in giving it a facelift to somewhat improve cars’ dwindling sales. Month after month and even before that as well, the car has been performing negatively on the sales chart. However, a slow performer from the start, the new SX4 is all set to give Maruti a renewed presence in the segment. It could also be the premium Maruti car which could return the lost sheen to Maruti and could bring back confidence that this car maker can also produce volume pullers in segments other than small cars, compacts or MUVs.

Many factors seem to contribute in its improved presence in the near future. The most striking is its availability in petrol, diesel and CNG models with improved efficiency and mileage. With a price tag of Rs7.38 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi), the new SX4 VXi model is the entry level variant while SX4 ZDI, Leather is the highest priced with Rs 9.51 lakh tag…

English to Hindi Translation Sample -1

अनुवाद सैंपल

कार के बेहतर एवरेज के लिए बहुत बातों का ध्यान नहीं रखना पड़ता | कार हो या बाइक उसकी समय पर सर्विसिंग और सही रखरखाव की जरूरत होती है | इसके अलावा कम गति पर कार चलाना, सही स्पीड पर गियर बदलना, जरूरत न होने पर जैसे दिन में हेडलाइट्स बंद रखना, एसी का कम इस्तेमाल, टायर में हवा का सही दबाव बनाए रखें और सही टायर चुनें, आदि भी कार की बेहतर एवरेज में मददगार होते हैं | ….

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Dedicated Content Writing, English Hindi Translation Samples policy

General Samples of content writing and translation work are provided on the website.
In general, we do not provide samples or dedicated samples for projects below 5000 words.
Dedicated samples are provided for projects exceeding 5000 words per week.
In this case a maximum of 1 sample on the topic of client’s choice or keywords will be provided.
In no case the sample will be of more than 200 words.

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