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Terms Conditions – Content Writing | Translation Services

Terms and Conditions | Disclaimer

General Terms and Conditions

Minimum order quantity for a project – at least 5000 words per month.

All content will be delivered as per the mutually agreed Terms and Conditions between Bhagwat Kumar and the client/s.

Professional content writing/Translation services excludes legal and adult content.

The copyright is transferred to the client once the final payment is received.

Content Quality Consciousness

Content provided will be checked thoroughly and will be 100% free of plagiarism or copying.

We follow strict Content Quality Guidelines and clients trust us for quality content in the industry.

Payment Terms

Payment is expected from the client in a week or 7 days from the date of the invoice. Bhagwat Kumar would be the sole copyright holder until the full invoice amount is paid within the stipulated time by the client.

Work on the project will commence only when the agreed/advance amount is received.

50% of the estimated cost of the project is due upfront.

If there is change in the total project cost due to the addition of the new content requirement, then an equivalent amount/revised balance advance amount need to be deposited before any further content delivery.

Payments can be made via NEFT, Cheque or Credit/Debit Card, UPI or Bank and other methods. Payment details will be shared with clients in the detailed quotation.

Non-payment of amount of invoice in a timely manner or within a maximum of one month from the date of invoice could invite penalties and legal action for which all expenses would be borne by the client. Jaipur, Rajasthan, India will be the court of jurisdiction for all legal matters.

Auto-acceptance Policy

Content has a 7-day auto-acceptance policy. Clients have seven days to submit feedback on a content once it has been submitted. All feedback is required to be submitted via email to cwwjpr @ gmail.com in the same email conversation chain.

Content Revisions/Editing

Suggestions for revision must adhere closely to the original project’s idea, size and scope or additional fees will be charged.

A maximum of 2 editing will be allowed within the auto acceptance period of 7 days.


The client will be responsible for any content related liabilities and Bhagwat Kumar will have no part in it and could not be held responsible for any legal complications as it would be the responsibility of the client to assess and check thoroughly and fully before using/publishing the content provided.

Content Writing Rate/Prices are subject to change.

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Revised on November 1, 2019